How to Stay Sane While Working From Home


Welcome back to the Millennial + Married Blog.

Today’s post is about my methods for staying sane while working from home 🏡. Now, I am very happy to be at home, but there are moments where I have cabin fever or I am tired from multitasking.

1. My favorite; go outside. I love the outdoors and I love to walk in the park. Our local park is full of different types of birds, vegetation, streams, and ponds.

2. Meditation. I’m new to meditation and it’s a great addition to my day. It sets the tone of the day and calms the mind at night for sleep.

3. Music. I am a fan of many genres of music; especially various forms of jazz, r&b, lofi, chillhop, etc. I play my favorite music in the background to keep my energy up.

4. Medicine ball. My husband replaced the office chair with a medicine ball and it keeps me active while working.

5. Cleaning Break. Keeping a clean and decluttered home makes the home feel more comfortable.

6. Power nap. Taking a quick nap helps to boost my energy.

7. Creative outlet. I have been nurturing my creative side a little bit lately. I have been writing in my journal and cultivating ideas that will be put to action this year.

8. Family fun. Sometimes my husband works remote, so we all get to spend time together and work doesn’t feel so much like…work.


Activities for Ages 0-3 Months

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Millennial+Married blog.

Today’s post discusses simple ways we encourage our son’s cognitive and physical development through play activities.

Tummy Time

Tummy time helps to strengthen many muscles throughout a baby’s body. It helps with other skills such as crawling, rolling, sitting, etc.

Everyday, Baby Zay performs tummy time on his Little Einstein activity mat for as long as he can tolerate it. He started as soon as he came home from the hospital with two to five minute sessions and now he can last up to an hour. While your child is performing tummy time, you want to remain present to monitor your baby and intervene when neccessary.

High Contrast Books

High contrast books supports young eye development. The simple lines and bold patterns are easier for babies to see.

We read to Baby Zay daily and point at the pictures. The goal is to support his eye development as well as attentional focus.

Baby Rattle

We use the rattle during play time because it helps with eye development and focus as well.

Baby Zay is able to focus on an object and watch its movement.

Wrist + Sock Rattles

Baby Zay loves these! The sound excites him and encourages him to move his arms and legs.

Thanks for reading!


Baby + Postpartum Update


Tomorrow will be two months since our Baby Boy was delivered and things have gotten much easier. Hubby and I have a better understanding of our boy’s cues. His appetite has increased significantly so we will consult his Pediatrician about adding cereal to his milk soon. He is eating four to five ounces each feeding and I’m having to pull from our reserves from time to time. We are very happy about his health and growth considering he was born early.


I started working out this week. Everyday, I walk at least two miles and I return home to complete a 60-minute weight lifting routine. My nutrition is pretty standard: plenty of water, no sweets, no junk, large amount of leafy greens, fruits and lean protein. From time to time, I’ll blend up a smoothie. Other than continuing my prenatal vitamins, I am not taking any other supplements right now.


New Parent Chronicles: We Stayed Up All Night…Again 🙃

Baby boy was up all night suffering from gas pains. He would grunt, cry, and throw his little legs up in the air. Also, he was cluster feeding so we were constantly picking him up to feed him, burp him, and massage his belly so he can release the gas.

I suspect his gas issue being the result of me fortifying my breastmilk. The recipe that was recommended by his Pediatrician has a slightly higher calorie count than the one he received in the NICU. It might be a little too strong for him because I have never seen him have such a bad case of gas like this before. He little legs were up in the air all night long.

This morning, I called to speak to one of the RNs on duty for medical advice. We were recommended Gripe Water and/or Mylicon Drops. I am familiar with Gripe Water, but was not sure if he was old enough for it being that he is only one month old. Most infant medications that I researched require a minimum age of three months old. The Mylicon Drops are safe for newborns to use.

Mylicon Drops
Gripe Water

So, Hubby purchased both the Mylicon Drops and Gripe Water while I stayed home to comfort Baby Boy. I administered the Mylicon Drops in a one ounce bottle of breastmilk (no powder added) and his pains subsided in approximately ten minutes. He drank one more ounce and fell fast asleep.

I am not a doctor, but as a mom, I definitely recommend the Mylicon Drops to those with infants and toddlers. Our Baby Boy felt relief very quickly and finally fell asleep.


New Parent Chronicles: Baby’s First Night Home

Our baby boy was discharged from the NICU a couple of days ago. Although it was a joyus occasion, Hubby and I were very nervous because we didn’t have his monitoring system or RN to assist us anymore. Moreover, Hubby and I spent most of the day bonding with him just as we’ve done while he was in the NICU. We followed the same care routine as well by checking his temperature and changing his diaper before feeding him.

At night, we found ourselves staying up late holding baby boy because he refused to sleep in his bassinet. Every time we tried to lay him down to sleep he would cry. We decided to exchange the bassinet for another model because he seems to hate the one he has now.


Postpartum Update #2: Baby, Weight loss, and Breastfeeding

It’s been a little while since the first update so there’s quite a lot to share.

Baby: Zach is doing very well! He met most of his development goals and is currently working on transitioning to being fed solely by mouth. He has no issues latching on to feed by breast or bottle. However, until two days ago, he would get tired towards the end and had to finish by tube. Once he is more consistent with his feedings, he will be discharged home.

Weight loss: I’ve lost 27 lbs so far. Because I underwent a C-Section, I was instructed to not do much physical activity outside of light housework and light walking for six weeks. I attribute most of my weight loss to the postpartum night sweats and frequent urination I experienced for one and a half weeks. In addition, I breastfeed/pump which promotes weight loss as well.

Breastfeeding: It took four days for my milk supply to come in. My lactation specialist is amazing and because of her, I feel empowered to breastfeed/pump exclusively. On average, I pump about 30 oz per day with the Medela brand electric pump. I make sure to stay hydrated, eat a nutrient dense diet, and I am still taking my prenatal vitamins.


What’s in My Hospital Bag?

This past weekend, I put my hospital bag together. Hubby and I still have quite sometime until baby arrives, but I didn’t want to procrastinate. To avoid over packing, I’m using a small carry suitcase to house everything.

For myself: toiletries, fluffy socks, memory foam slippers, a comfy robe, night gown, shower flip flops, undergarments, silk scarf, silk pillow case, aromatherapy kit, bluetooth speaker, extra long chargers, chap stick, and my discharge outfit. Yes, the hospital does provide toiletries, but using my favorite products is comforting. My goal is to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

For baby: three onesies, with matching hats and mittens, socks, two pacifiers, and two swaddle blankets. With baby, we will definitely take advantage of the toiletries, diapers, etc. offered by the hospital. They typically use recognizable brands that I know and trust.

For Hubby: toiletries, pajamas, phone charger, undergarments, and a couple of outfits.


Baby Doppler Sonoline B Review

The Baby Doppler Sonoline B is a very easy to use fetal monitoring tool that allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. The kit came with the device, batteries, ultrasound transmission gel, and instructions. You can put the gel directly on your abdomen or on the probe. I prefer to put the gel on the probe because it’s not as messy. It may take a few tries to locate your baby, but once you do, baby’s heartbeat will display on the screen and you will be able to hear it via the speakers. If I feel like baby isn’t moving as much as normal then I use the Baby Doppler. It definitely brings me much joy and peace of mind to hear my baby’s heartbeat.

Moreover, the Baby Doppler was gifted to me by my husband. Per Hubby, it was purchased directly from the manufacturer and with free 2-day shipping.


28 Weeks + 2 Days

Today, baby turns 28 weeks and 2 days.

It seems like yesterday that my OBGYN confirmed my pregnancy and we (Hubby and I) heard baby’s first heart beat. Now, I’ve entered my third trimester and I’m thankful to have made it thus far; considering my rough first trimester. During my first trimester, I was put on temporary leave from work due to an extreme case of nausea and fatigue. My second trimester was plagued with the worse ligament pain I’ve ever experienced.

Moreover, my third and final trimester has been the easiest on me physically. No nausea and the ligament pain is less frequent. I can feel our baby kicking, turning, and rolling everyday; it brings me much joy.