How to Stay Sane While Working From Home


Welcome back to the Millennial + Married Blog.

Today’s post is about my methods for staying sane while working from home 🏡. Now, I am very happy to be at home, but there are moments where I have cabin fever or I am tired from multitasking.

1. My favorite; go outside. I love the outdoors and I love to walk in the park. Our local park is full of different types of birds, vegetation, streams, and ponds.

2. Meditation. I’m new to meditation and it’s a great addition to my day. It sets the tone of the day and calms the mind at night for sleep.

3. Music. I am a fan of many genres of music; especially various forms of jazz, r&b, lofi, chillhop, etc. I play my favorite music in the background to keep my energy up.

4. Medicine ball. My husband replaced the office chair with a medicine ball and it keeps me active while working.

5. Cleaning Break. Keeping a clean and decluttered home makes the home feel more comfortable.

6. Power nap. Taking a quick nap helps to boost my energy.

7. Creative outlet. I have been nurturing my creative side a little bit lately. I have been writing in my journal and cultivating ideas that will be put to action this year.

8. Family fun. Sometimes my husband works remote, so we all get to spend time together and work doesn’t feel so much like…work.


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