12 Month Update


Welcome to the Millennial + Married blog.

It is to my delight that I write about our son’s 12 month update. He was born 32 weeks and 5 days weighing in at 2lbs and 3oz. He never had breathing or cognitive issues. His heart and lungs were strong from day one as well as his observant nature. Today, he is doing very well and has come so far in a short amount of time. He is up to date with his milestones and he has become more independent. He is our miracle child and a testament to the goodness of God and faith.

So, how is Parenthood treating us? Parenthood is more busy and complex than most people will admit. As parents, we trying to balance out our own energies, goals, marriage, etc. We are raising a child to be as balanced as he can be and shield him from distractions and nonsense, while shielding ourselves from distractions and nonsense so we can be effective and efficient parents.

What we learned during our son’s first year:

1. Not to be too hard on ourselves . It’s a learning process and everything is not going to be perfect.

2. Schedules are important. Our son has a routine, which grants all of us sanity. It helps with balance and peace in the home.

3. Follow your intuition. Sometimes, advice may be given, but parents, you know your child best. You spend the most time with your child and have the most observations.

4. Parenthood is definitely more than the material aspects. What about our children’s cognitive development? What about their emotional wellbeing? I don’t want our son to grow into an adult with a damaged inner child and have shadow work to complete like so many of us.

5. I am fine with walking a different path as it relates to parenting. There are aspects from my upbringing that I incorporate and things that I abandoned. Some traditions are meant to be broken.

6. I have a whole new level of respect forward parents because being an Earth Guide is like balancing on a tight rope. We are thankful for our safety net of family and friends.

7. Parenthood helps us to tap into our inner child. We are listening to music and watching shows we haven’t listened to or watched in decades. Our son is bringing our innocence back to us and has added Our home is filled with Barney, Sesame Street, baby toys, and love.

8. Parenthood is spontaneous and adventurous. There is never a dull moment with an infant around. They bring light and joy to the world because that is all they know to be.

Thanks for reading!


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