It’s Been Awhile…


Welcome to the Millennial + Married Blog!

It’s been almost 6 months since my last post. I took time away from social media and other forms of media to refocus, regroup, and just live.

I am a new mom and things were starting to get overwhelming trying to balance everything.

Think of an unattended garden, with over grown weeds. That was me; neglected. I was neglecting my health, my mind, and my spirit. So since my last post, I made very vital changes to my lifestyle.

I am vegetarian now (Hubby still eats meat, whomp whomp lol).

I always loved the outdoors, but now, it’s become my ultimate favorite place. I love the park, beach, and mountains. The park and the beach renews me and the mountains give me clarity.

Physically, I feel like I’m in my early 20s again. I lost 28 lbs since delivering our son and my vital signs are much better. I never shared this on here, but I suffered from anxiety and tachycardia for years. My resting heart rate would read between 90-115, which is too high. Now, it’s at 80-87; a much better range. I haven’t reached my ultimate goal, but it’s on the way!

When I step on the scale ⚖

I hype myself up.

I big myself up.

And the weight just keeps falling off.

Spirituality, I took advantage of this “quarantine” and started looking within. I started with heavy shadow work and faced my “darkness” (I will write a separate more detailed post later), which led to my complete lifestyle change. In order to live the life you want, you have to shed what no longer serves you: old habits, unhealthy patterns, negative thoughts, etc. I feel my weightloss is a physical manifestation of me purging what is not beneficial. As the saying goes, “as is above, is below”.


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