Hostility Over Mask Mandates?

We were on lock down for a few months and states are now re-opening; however, it doesn’t mean COVID19 is gone. It means we have to use caution. The standard regulation is to just wear a mask as a precaution, for the protection of you and those around you, when in public. Otherwise, you can do whatever you want in the privacy of your home.

Masks have been proven to lower the transmission rates by keeping the droplets from the mouth within the mask.

No Mask vs Masked
The mask catches the aerosolized droplets.
Credit: Dr. Richard David. Providence Sacred Heart Center.

As a healthcare professional, I support our local officials’ decision to make masks mandatory in an effort to mitigate the spread. Someone has to pull the reigns on reckless behavior or the virus will spin out of control.

The last few months have been understandably uncomfortable, but will be behind us with togetherness and cooperation.


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