Life Update + Mother’s Day Weekend

Welcome back to the Millennial+Married blog.

It’s been a while since my last post. With everything going on, I needed to take a break and focus on other things.

Life Update

I got accepted into an HR certification program at Syracuse University. The program is virtual and is available at no cost to Active Duty Members, Reservists, Veterans, and their Dependents. The program offers several certification options, but HR was the only program that could benefit my career (I work in the healthcare industry). For further information visit

I’ve been working on my sewing skills and started an Etsy called Med Life Creations, where I provide low cost face masks for people to wear. I got tired of seeing people walking around not protecting themselves or the people around them so I created a solution. I don’t charge anywhere near the amount as others because I’m not looking to cash out during a Pandemic.

Mother’s Day Weekend

My first Mother’s Day weekend was wonderful! I received a lot of calls, texts, and gifts; it was like an early Christmas. My weekend started with a virtual meetup with other moms and it was fun. We laughed, cried, and encouraged each other. It was one of the most positive events I ever attended.

Moreover, I’m filled with much gratitude to be here to celebrate Mother’s Day due to the complications I endured during my third trimester; an opportunity many mothers do not have. In the United States, the maternal mortality rate is the highest of the developed world and the numbers are significantly greater amongst Black Women. Black women, regardless of education and financial status are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy complications. Women sacrifice so much to bring life to this world; our bodies, emotional wellbeing, time, etc.


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