Activities for Ages 0-3 Months

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Today’s post discusses simple ways we encourage our son’s cognitive and physical development through play activities.

Tummy Time

Tummy time helps to strengthen many muscles throughout a baby’s body. It helps with other skills such as crawling, rolling, sitting, etc.

Everyday, Baby Zay performs tummy time on his Little Einstein activity mat for as long as he can tolerate it. He started as soon as he came home from the hospital with two to five minute sessions and now he can last up to an hour. While your child is performing tummy time, you want to remain present to monitor your baby and intervene when neccessary.

High Contrast Books

High contrast books supports young eye development. The simple lines and bold patterns are easier for babies to see.

We read to Baby Zay daily and point at the pictures. The goal is to support his eye development as well as attentional focus.

Baby Rattle

We use the rattle during play time because it helps with eye development and focus as well.

Baby Zay is able to focus on an object and watch its movement.

Wrist + Sock Rattles

Baby Zay loves these! The sound excites him and encourages him to move his arms and legs.

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