My Maternity Leave is Over + Working From Home

Good day!

Welcome to the Millennial+Married blog.

Monday was my first day back at work and it went well. I recently accepted a new role that allows me to work from home, which I have never done before. I still have a pier diem clinical role, but I decided to scale back because of the Coronavirus and and possible exposure to my family. If you have been reading our blog, we have a newborn baby at home. Although the studies show that most infants and children do not get very ill with the virus, I’m still not taking any chances right now.

Future plans. Possibly telemedicine?

I am definitely considering work-from-home options after earning my RN BSN; perhaps teaching and telemedicine. I believe alot of remote job positions are going to remain after this Pandemic.

I mean…why not?

There would be less cars on the road which benefits the environment, makes commute less congested, and less stressful for people. Employers can summons remote staff to a physical location twice per week for training, briefing, etc.

What do you think about working from home?

Would you want to keep working from home after this Pandemic subsides?

Thanks for reading today’s post!


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