Stay Home + Stay Safe: New Sewing Machine and DIY Fabric Face Masks

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In a previous post, I wrote about suggestions for staying positive and productive during self isolation. One suggestion was to find a hobby and I used sewing as one of two examples. I always wanted to pick up sewing, but had other things on my plate.

I ordered the Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine from Amazon. It was moderately priced and rated as excellent for beginners. It came with one set of replacement parts and an instructional DVD.

We don’t own a DVD player and our laptops don’t have a CD-Rom so I turned to YouTube to figure out how to work my new sewing machine. Brother has an official YouTube channel with short easy to follow tutorials about the setup of the machine, troubleshooting, etc. It took me fifteen minutes to string up my machine. Then, I cut up an old t-shirt and practiced a couple of stitch patterns; straight and zig-zag. It was simple enough so I began my first project: Fabric Face Masks.

Fabric Face Masks are recommended for use because of the existing medical supply shortage. Our frontline healthcare workers don’t have what they need to safely treat Covid-19 patients so the medical supply chain has shifted most of their focus to producing what they need in a short amount of time. For those of us who do not work in those critical areas and for non-healthcare workers, this means face masks are even more scarce.

I turned back to YouTube for a tutorial simple enough for newbies to follow. Youtuber HomemadeOnOurHomestead had one of the easiest tutorials with written instructions and a pattern to download.

As a newbie, it took me about an hour to produce each mask because I wanted to make sure I was following the instructions correctly and that all of my seams were secure. Fabric masks are reusable and I don’t want ours to unravel in the wash.

With the exception of the fabric, which I purchased from my local Walmart, all of my materials was shipped from Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Remember, Stay Home + Stay Safe.


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