Clean With Me: Spring Cleaning + Decluttering

Spring is around the corner so you know it’s time for some heavy cleaning and decluttering!

I have started the process of shredding old documents and miscellaneous papers we don’t need. You should never throw away papers that have impertinent information due to the risk of identity theft. I organized the papers that we need into labeled folders so we won’t have to scramble to find what we need.

Next, Hubby and I teamed up to tackle our clothing. We separated our clothing into two sections: what we are keeping and what is being sold/donated. We aren’t using any of the popular marketplace apps to sell our clothes; we will just visit the local consignment stores. The donated pieces are going to the Goodwill.

Parting ways with items that hold “sentimental value”

The biggest dilemma of the decluttering process is figuring out what to do with items that hold sentimental value. This includes: trophies, plaques, and other awards, old high school prom trinkets, my prom dress, my debutante dress, our high school and college grad attire, etc. Many of these things signify very special moments in our lives, but we’re ready for them to go. We already have pictures and fond memories so there’s no need to hoard these items.


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