New Parent Chronicles: We Stayed Up All Night…Again 🙃

Baby boy was up all night suffering from gas pains. He would grunt, cry, and throw his little legs up in the air. Also, he was cluster feeding so we were constantly picking him up to feed him, burp him, and massage his belly so he can release the gas.

I suspect his gas issue being the result of me fortifying my breastmilk. The recipe that was recommended by his Pediatrician has a slightly higher calorie count than the one he received in the NICU. It might be a little too strong for him because I have never seen him have such a bad case of gas like this before. He little legs were up in the air all night long.

This morning, I called to speak to one of the RNs on duty for medical advice. We were recommended Gripe Water and/or Mylicon Drops. I am familiar with Gripe Water, but was not sure if he was old enough for it being that he is only one month old. Most infant medications that I researched require a minimum age of three months old. The Mylicon Drops are safe for newborns to use.

Mylicon Drops
Gripe Water

So, Hubby purchased both the Mylicon Drops and Gripe Water while I stayed home to comfort Baby Boy. I administered the Mylicon Drops in a one ounce bottle of breastmilk (no powder added) and his pains subsided in approximately ten minutes. He drank one more ounce and fell fast asleep.

I am not a doctor, but as a mom, I definitely recommend the Mylicon Drops to those with infants and toddlers. Our Baby Boy felt relief very quickly and finally fell asleep.


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