New Parent Chronicles: Our Baby is Coming Home!

Hubby and I received the greatest news this morning! His neonatologist has cleared him for discharge and he will be coming home in a few hours!

His first Pediatric appointment is very shortly after discharge. Since baby boy is premature, it was recommended that we schedule his appointment within 72 hours post discharge.

We already have his nursery cleaned and decorated for when he gets a little older. For now, he will be sleeping in a bassinet right next to mommy and daddy.

This whole experience had its ups and downs, but we tried to remain positive through it all. It was the love for our baby, our Faith, and the major support from our families that gave us the strength to remain positive.We are very thankful that he is healthy and that we have the opportunity to be the loving parents that he deserves.

Mommy and Baby
Daddy and Baby