What’s in My Hospital Bag?

This past weekend, I put my hospital bag together. Hubby and I still have quite sometime until baby arrives, but I didn’t want to procrastinate. To avoid over packing, I’m using a small carry suitcase to house everything.

For myself: toiletries, fluffy socks, memory foam slippers, a comfy robe, night gown, shower flip flops, undergarments, silk scarf, silk pillow case, aromatherapy kit, bluetooth speaker, extra long chargers, chap stick, and my discharge outfit. Yes, the hospital does provide toiletries, but using my favorite products is comforting. My goal is to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

For baby: three onesies, with matching hats and mittens, socks, two pacifiers, and two swaddle blankets. With baby, we will definitely take advantage of the toiletries, diapers, etc. offered by the hospital. They typically use recognizable brands that I know and trust.

For Hubby: toiletries, pajamas, phone charger, undergarments, and a couple of outfits.